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Live Longer By Eating Your Vegetables Every Day

0 A new epidemiological study from a team of European researchers showed that eating about 1.25 pounds of fruits and veggies per day cuts your risk of mortality by 10% and gives you another 1.1 years of life, compared to eating less than a half of a pound of the good stuff. And for every 7 ounces you add, cut another 6% off your overall mortality risk. This healthy intake particularly cuts the risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers also found that raw veggies upped the positive impact with a 16% reduction in mortality.

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Study Shows Number of Obese Kids is in Decline

0 A new CDC study shows that the number of obese children is in decline.

Time Of Death Determined By Microbial Clock

0 A new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder suggests that forensic scientists could use the microbial clock to determine time of death. One of the first questions asked - which you would know if you watch Law and Order - is what time did the victim die? But current techniques, like timing of last text messages, aren’t reliable. A microbial clock is essentially a succession of bacterial changes that occur postmortem as bodies move through the decay process. And researchers say these patterns are consistent in corpses post-mortem, and this technique could be complementary to current techniques.

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PICO: Helping Wounds Heal Faster

0 Every year about 500-thousand patients in the US develop SSIs, which claim more than ten-thousand lives. Now a new simple treatment for wounds can help heal them before they have a chance to kill.

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Sunscreen Use Rarely Mentioned By Doctors

0 Very few doctors mention the use of sunscreen during patient visits.

Yelling At Your Child May Aggravate Bad Behavior

0 While yelling at your teens may make you feel better ... new research finds harsh verbal discipline may actually aggravate their bad behavior.

Cigarette Warnings Do Not Influence Teens

0 Health warnings on the back of cigarette packs does little to impact teen smokers.

Drone Fighter Jet Makes Debut Flight

0 Boeing revealed that it has retrofitted retired fighter jets to turn them into drones. They tested an F-16 jet that had been collecting Arizona dust for the last 15 years. The jet flew unmanned from Florida to the Gulf of Mexico, controlled from the ground by two US Air Force pilots. It performed a series of maneuvers including one commonly used in combat to evade attack. They said the unmanned plane could carry out maneuvers at speeds that would be problematic for a pilot. Boeing said the flight test and landing went beautifully and next up is live fire testing at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

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Redefining Painting With A Computer

0 Jingwan "Cynthia" Lu, a fourth-year graduate student in computer science, is redefining the way an artist can "paint" with digital strokes on a computer.

Credit: Princeton University

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Temperature and Precipitation in the 21st Century

0 New data visualizations from the NASA Center for Climate Simulation and NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio show how climate models -- those used in the new report from the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) -- estimate how temperature and precipitation patterns could change throughout the 21st century.

For the IPCC's Physical Science Basis and Summary for Policymakers reports, scientists referenced an international climate modeling effort to study how the Earth might respond to four different scenarios of how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases would be emitted into the atmosphere throughout the 21st century.

That modeling effort, called the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5), includes dozens of climate models from institutions around the world, including from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

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